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last updated at 2004-10-07 10:45
peepo: Lost and Found, plug in today's Guardian
peepo: Dashboard, Blinkx, Picasa, Copernic, Spotlight.....
danbri: See source RDF. Nearby:
danbri: More: sumenlinna island, helsinki.
danbri: Very nice :)
danbri: Schuyler telling me, "There's 3 steps to this. 1, you collect the media and tracklog (both time indexed); 2., you georeference the basemap (some process here; you need 3 points lat/long and on the map, and linear transform), 3. you generate the RDF by comparing the timestamps on the media+tracklog
danbri: ..."typically because of timezone or being slightly off, you end up w/ a map that's slight inaccurate. Then 3b/4. generate SVG from the RDF.
danbri: Anselm Hook's playlist sharing gadget, slipperycat. He asks me to mention that "it's a hack". Javascript stuff, frontend to same backend that serves thingster.
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