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last updated at 2004-10-06 21:32
MarkB: "The Application Wiki"
MarkB: can't find any mention of RDF, but it seems to be crying out for it
MarkB: "JotSpot plays nicely with the rest of the web."
MarkB: "Email integration: Every page is an Inbox"
eaon: regarding email integration, see edds email to zwiki
Is anyone using RDF to structure their SVG?
crschmidt: I'm pretty sure this is what Jim does with FOAFnaut?
crschmidt: I'm not sure if the Touchgraph browser also uses SVG? Can't remember off the top of my head
logger: See discussion
crschmidt: peepo is looking for people who are defining structure with RDF, not content
peepo: is there a way to prevent duplication? apologies, doesn't need a chump
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