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last updated at 2004-10-05 17:33
kendallclark: So, I'm converting the CSV from into RDF. It's very bnode-rich, but can't do much about that.
kendallclark: It's slightly weird RDF because the CSV is rather odd.
kendallclark: comments welcome to
kendallclark: thanks to mortenf, I'll be getting rid of the state bnodes and using URIs... Should be updated v. soon.
kendallclark: Changes: I added foaf:homepage assertions to mirror most of my rdfs:seeAlso assertions. Also stopped making bnodes for states; now using URIs in the daml ontology library, thanks to mortenf. Makes stuff a bit easier to read. Last, fixed dc:name bug, which was supposed to be dc:title.
kendallclark: And it validates. My work here is done. Let the magic pixie dust of aggregation take place! :>
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