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last updated at 2004-10-01 19:20
balbinus: Comment on the page pointed by the URL, or on #rdfig :)
balbinus: Do you think i should define my own :title (or :name), :description and so on, or indicate people should use DC's terms (eg)?
ear1grey: doesn't do RDF yet, but having looked at the code it's not much of a tweak
jeen: The Rio Parser toolkit is a spinoff release from the Sesame framework, a fast and small RDF parser in Java.
jeen: release 1.0 is the first release that supports Turtle
danbri_dna: ls -l rio.jar -> -rw-r--r-- 1 danbri staff 90442 1 Oct 11:49 rio.jar
danbri_dna: Needs a sax2 parser too; wondering what the smallest is...
jeen: we have good experiences with Xerces-J's SAX2 driver. not the smallest perhaps, but stable and quite fast.
danbri_dna: I meant, it's small :)
danbri_dna: Would be nice if it'd run on my phone. Guess that means finding a MIDP (1.0 currently, for P800s) SAX2 parser...
dajobe: yay turtle
chaalsCPH: Crea información FOAF por un formulario y un poco de javascript
chaalsCPH: Ya mencionado el 13 junio y 21 agosto (es decir en los talleres SWAD-E en español :-)
crschmidt: Simply go to the page, type in your email address, and get your sha1sum, can be used with a script: no spaces or anything :)
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