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last updated at 2004-09-29 17:37
foaf agenda itme 4 - Jabber update/discussion from stpeter (I)
libby: see stpeter's blog entry
libby: action stpeter: write up Jabber requirements and report to RDFWEB
foaf meeting agenda item 3 - norm's mail (H)
libby: see norm's mail
libby: action danbri/libby look into other hosting options for
danbri: ACTION danbri investigate splitting bulky HTML text out into a separate 'spec' document, leaving slimmer XHTML and RDF representations of the ns doc.
danbri: danbri investigate/fix <mortenf> rapper: Error - URI - Using property attribute 'lang' without a namespace is forbidden.
danbri: action mortenf draft a demo namespace showing HTML fragment inside RDF/XML schema markup, so it can link stylishly to external documents when viewed in browser.
foaf meetign agenda item 2 - Foaf views and profiles (G)
libby: see agenda suggestion from last meet
danbri: SeeishAlsoish, Personal Data Protection in the Semantic Web, Ryan Lee's thesis.
mortenf: kind-of-seeAlso: Ghosts in the Semantic Web Machine?
libby: related Validating RDF with TreeHugger and Schematron
libby: action libby: start one thread on this and suggest to teelfal/captsolo/pjz start another
Foaf meeting agenda item 1 - Domain of foaf:interest - Morten (F)
libby: see morten's mail and thread
mortenf: RESOLVED - rdfs:domain of foaf:interest to be changed to foaf:Agent
Foaf Meeting previous actions (E)
danbri: completed-ACTION danbri propose to the list "that it should be a goal to ultimately get the FOAF spec in a shape (whatever shape that is) such that IETF, Dublin Core and W3C Working Groups are comfortable citing it ...
danbri: completed-ACTION danbri: invite Peter St Andre to a future IRC FOAF meeting
danbri: completed-ACTION libby: send mail to rdfweb-dev re birthday stuff
danbri: completed-ACTION: danbri let nicole know that Jim had problems with fontsize on new sit
libby: completed-ACTION bengee propose some clarifications re lifecycle/stability vocab to list, goal of having better machine-readable status for FOAF namespace
crschmidt: CONTINUED action on names - collecting more data (spidering) and also working to get it together into better stats
danbri: Everything else continues...
libby: CONTINUED action action danbri: get his FOAF talks from FOAFCamp and Galway online (and do the workshop report!)
libby: effects of bengees and libby's actions still in progress
libby: action Libby add these to the issue list
danbri: ACTION: danbri update spec to broaden rdfs:domain of foaf:interest to be foaf:Agent (after consulting rdfweb-dev)
foaf meeting 1630 UTC 2004-09-29
libby: agenda
libby: attending libby miller
crschmidt: eating lunch Christopher Schmidt
danbri: attending dan brickley
mortenf: Morten Frederiksen present
captainjim: attending James Carlyle
esigler: attending Eric Sigler
sh1mmer: Tom Croucher present
balbinus: attending Vincent Tabard
libby: logs of this meeting
libby: logs of last meeting
libby: agenda and actions from last meeting
JibberJim: Jim Ley Present
eaon: Michael Zeltner present
timbl: Tim Berners-Lee present
chaalsBRS: attending chaals
bkdelong: attending bkdelong
mcculley: attending Gene McCulley
danja__: attending Danny Ayers
viclin: attending Victor Lindesay
ear1grey: attending Rich Boakes
KjetilK: attending Kjetil Kjernsmo
chaalsBRS: Made me realise why I love DanC's "rangeIntersects" property
chaalsBRS: Useful to kow that a foaf:Person is a subClass of the contact:Person that is the range of ivans:presenter
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