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last updated at 2004-09-28 21:19
bijan: Or, at least, gets a company.
bijan: Racer has held the record as the (overall) fastest DL reasoner around. Notable is its excellent support for ABox reasoning.
bijan: It certainly pioneered man interesting optimziation regarding individuals and number restrictions
bijan: And they follow the RULE for semantic web companies and projects: Crappy Web Sites
bijan: My lab, of course, is a leader in this area :)
bijan: But the W3C doesn't do too badly!
bijan: Er...according to other people. Usabilty people. People who are not me. Darn!
bijan: Do I still have a job?
edd: Who cares? You made me laugh.
bijan: Oh, well then. Poverty is well worth it!
bijan: Some racer caveats: No nominals, it makes the unique name assumption, etc. etc.
bijan: Network Inference claims, though not where you could hear them, that Cerebra is faster
bijan: Oh yeah, it's written in Common Lisp. You got a problem with that, punk?
bijan: I don't see that any of the licences offer source code access. Too bad.
DanC: 5 Aug 2004. not brand new, but bears repeating.
DanC: RSS/RDF feeds with mixed in PRISM terms
DanC: DBin features an integrated digital signatures infrastructure
chaalsBRS: Relies on datatypes to work out what kind of height there is
chaalsBRS: There is a datatype defined for floor/storey (called etage because it uses french numbering - 0 is ground, 1 is the first floor above ground, -1 is the first below ground, etc)
chaalsBRS: There is an example of how it might be used...
chaalsBRS: There is another example of how to use the "floor name" datatype to match a particular naming scheme to something easily countable.
eaon: "gnowsis is a personal semantic web desktop server - for short: a Semantic Desktop. Like a local webserver, that can be seen only by you and that contains your own files, emails, friends and photos."
dajobe: tutorial, registration required
crschmidt: And, my response
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