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last updated at 2004-09-23 21:55
dajobe: all in one page
KjetilK: Can create pretty graphs among other things
KjetilK: Nice place to get registered and find people to sign up with in your area or when travelling
KjetilK: Biglumber also has a convenient pathfinder feature
jhendler: "While its use of the RDF metadata format comes with some caveats, RDF enthusiasts should be pleased to see that the company making the most popular image manipulation tools has made those tools capable of reading and writing RDF metadata about these images."
jhendler: Bob DuCharme - Sept 22, 2004
danbri: "...a prototype of a new kind of directory of environmental organisations and projects. Our goal is to develop a sustainable (realistically maintainable) and easy to use directory about environmental organisations and projects throughout the UK."
danbri: "
danbri: "The initial development of this portal was funded by EU as part of the project Semantic Web Advanced Development - Europe. "
danbri: See also technical resources, about SWED overview, FAQ and background.
danbri: Nice work, as ever, from the HP Labs and ILRT folk.
danbri: I just made a SWED description of the FOAF project. Not sure if the claims will make it past the SWED selection process, but I think its true-ish :)
danbri: Uses XML comments for license terms (wonder if CC could be used instead) and vCard for contact info.
danbri: And bits of FOAF too, I see. foaf:name, but vCard email address. Maybe it's time to try writing N3 rules that map vcard:email strings to foaf:mbox mailbox URI references?
danbri: Compare-and-contrast, the DOAP description of the FOAF project, considered as an opensource effort. See the DOAP site for details.
danbri: I take the existence of FOAF, DOAP and SWED to be healthy indicators that we're collectively on to something here :)
danbri: Extra points for anyone who can demonstrate the SWED and DOAP descriptions of the FOAF Project being merged, so that queries such as 'find the doap:mailing list of all things that have a swed:has_topic of swed_toi:information_resource_discovery".
danbri: It might take some tweaking, since SWED currently uses <swed:has_primary_url></swed:has_primary_url> for homepages, which won't IFP-merge against foaf:homepage.
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