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last updated at 2004-09-22 17:57
Current projects underway for FOAF
crschmidt: I'm currently working on redlandbot/julie, an IRC interface to a Redland storage
crschmidt: All code is stored in SVN, committed on a release early/often schedule in public svn
crschmidt: also #julie
danbri: Of intrinsic interest, but also re compare/contrast DC and FOAF process (and lack thereof in latter case).
Previous actions
danbri: danbri update FOAF spec to add a main section on naming, to provide a unified treatment of first/last/given/family addressing Misha's concern re first/last
danbri: action: crschmidt to circulate crawler stats on foaf:nick foaf:name foaf:firstName foaf:givenname foaf:surname foaf:family_name
danbri: danbri's action is CONTINUED
danbri: Do the figures from Chris and Bengee provided last week close the crawler-stats action?
danbri: Chris's action CONTINUED also, though noting data shared in IRC last week.
FOAF meeting agenda item 4 (H): date of birth
libby: crchmidt wanted to talk about this: he might be back if we put it last
danbri: last week's log
libby: ACTION libby: send mail to rdfweb-dev outlining 3 proposals for date or birth / birthday
bengee: bengee's proposal from august
FOAF meeting agenda item 3 (G) Foaf community process
libby: see Peter St. Andre's post
libby: including FoafCommunityProcess, FOAF and standards, and relationship to W3C
libby: ACTION danbri: invite Peter St Andre to a future IRC FOAF meeting.
libby: ACTION danbri propose to the list "that it should be a goal to ultimately get the FOAF spec in a shape (whatever shape that is) such that IETF, Dublin Core and W3C Working Groups are comfortable citing it when they need to draw upon core concepts like Person, homepage, mbox, mbox_sha1sum etc."
danbri: action danbri: get his FOAF talks from FOAFCamp and Galway online (and do the workshop report!)
FOAF meeting agenda item 2 (F) Web site update
DanC: including jim's concerns
danbri: See also nicole's todo list, and draft-in-progress for a new site that danbri and nicole have been working on. Mostly nicole really.
danbri: ...and nicole's not here, so let's do this one quite briefly
danbri: action: danbri let nicole know that Jim had problems with fontsize on new site
FOAF meeting agenda item 1 (E) Stability Vocab
DanC: see agenda request
bengee: Dan's reply
libby: ACTION bengee propose some clarifications re lifecycle/stability vocab to list, goal of having better machine-readable status for FOAF namespace
FOAF meeting 16.30-17.30 UTC
libby: attending: libby miller
JibberJim: attending until I get kicked out the cafe Jim Ley
esigler: attending: eric sigler
danbri: attending: Dan Brickley, W3C.
teefal: attending: timothy falconer
bengee: attending: benjamin nowack
balbinus: attending: Vincent Tabard
CaptSolo: attending: CaptSolo - Uldis Bojars
libby: future topics, website, profiles/views
DanC: sorta tuned in, but mostly regrets: Dan Connolly
crschmidt: Very late Christopher Schmidt
ear1grey: actively lurking Rich Boakes
pjz: here Paul Jimenez
libby: next meeting 2004-09-29, 1630 UTC for 60-90 mins
issue tracking for webarch, xml-id; annospam
logger: See discussion
DanC: see ndw's xml-id status Makefile, based on DanC's webarch makefile
DanC: and other bits and bobs, such as annospam2spamlist.xsl and uri2mid
DanC: and kill-spam
danbri_dna: Probably code-rotted, and the sample files are offline (sorry). But should show a basic approach.
danbri_dna: Uses Squish notation for RDF queries (an RDQL precursor), but should map very directly into RDQL, if you want to do this in Jena.
danbri_dna: Of course you'll need some other source of annotations. My idea was to populate the database with a generic RDF crawler that traverses rdfs:seeAlso links, and to encourage people to use the Annotea vocab in RDF files they publish elsewhere in the Web.
danbri_dna: Another day, another half-finished project. DontWorryBeCrappy?
danbri_dna: The print version might be more convenient to read.
danbri_dna: " I’m three photographs from Frank Sinatra because I’m photographed with Bill Clinton who’s been photographed with one of the Kennedys who’s been photographed with Frank Sinatra. That’s a silly application, but it really shows the power of the reuse of information."
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