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last updated at 2004-09-10 20:43
crschmidt: Seems pretty obvious they haven't concentrated on FOAF crawling -- LiveJournal, for example, would offer several milliion foaf:Person docs
jhendler: note that there is a "submit ontology" button - that is a bit misnamed - it is a pointer to any document or site linked to Sem Web data
crschmidt: Not sure how happy they'dd be with me dumping 10,000 URIs there. :)
jhendler: a sem web search engine being developed by Tim Finin
jhendler: claims to index and have some interesting page rank stuff for semantics
jhendler: currently has 135000 pages from which it has found 23M+ triples
jhendler: also be nice for folks from this community to point it at some good RDF repositories and etc -- let's build up that number!
jhendler: note - if the link above doesn't work in your browser, you can try this URI
chaalsNCE: Presentación de María de los Angeles Martín al taller SWAD-Europe "La Web Semántica en América Latina"
dajobe: another source of RDF data
dajobe: richer feeds would be lovely, such as adding Message IDs.
dajobe: here's the feed for www-rdf-interest
jeen: it's not wellformed unfortunately: namespace declarations are missing.
dajobe: that's your browser I expect
jeen: chips. you're right. never mind
dajobe: xml-dev
dajobe: atom-syntax
danbri: Long document outlining the (pretty ambitious) new design.
danbri: While I think all opensourceOS-meets-semweb enthusiasts ought to read this, I haven't done yet...
libby: see discussion on #foaf
libby: they are like bar codes, but are designed to be read from a photo, e.g. from a cameraphone
libby: e.g. symbian software for reading them
libby: Libby's foaf url as QR Code
libby: sparq suggested putting the url of your foaffile on a tshirt as a QR Code
libby: I think this is a neato idea
KjetilK: and we should have some way to reference a QRCode in the FOAF, so that people can use the QRCode image as an identifier
jsled: "In a nutshell, every file now looks like a directory and can be opened as a directory. The names in that directory are not new files but metadata associated with the file, as documented by Hans Reiser on the Namesys site."
jsled: Author says that while the initial reaction from the OSS zealots was negative [suprise suprise], the community should view this as a "challenge" to get a semantic/metadata-friendly filesystem/OS, especially now that WinFS is ... delayed.
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