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last updated at 2004-08-30 19:30
crschmidt: Describing the obvious parrallels to the RDF model
crschmidt: The screenshot that I took for Dashboard, a couple months ago when I was playing with it.
Aredridel: Swarm Intelligence, by James Kennedy, Russell C. Eberhart, Yuhui Shi
Aredridel: Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems, by Eric Bonabeau, Guy Theraulaz, Marco Dorigo
Aredridel: Book on self organizing systems
Aredridel: Self-Organization in Biological Systems, by Scott Camazine, Nigel R. Franks, Jean-Louis Deneubourg
aharth: Demos and posters presented at the demo session @ FOAF Galway
aharth: add yourself to the wiki page if you want to demo something (or just demo something ;))
dajobe: can you say what form the demos take? I heard it was - you bring a computer and show people stuff. Is there networking?
aharth: there will be electricity, tables, and wireless networking, and a wall where you can pin posters etc.
aharth: people demo their stuff and the audience wanders around
Cloud_: and hopefully looks at your demo/poster
dajobe: or maybe admires your shiny laptop
bijan: Perhaps engages in some covert coveting.
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