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last updated at 2004-08-16 17:12
DanC_: 2004/06/04 - The OWL scaffolding version of OpenCyc v0.7.8b
DanC_: (#$airportHasIATACode AIRPORT STRING) means that the instance of #$Airport-Physical is designated by the IATA with the three letter #$CharacterString STRING.
DanC_: (#$airportHasIATACode AIRPORT STRING) means that the instance of #$Airport-Physical AIRPORT has been designated with the ICAO code STRING.
DanC_: er... odd... they're owl:ObjectProperty s, but they take strings.
DanC_: yummy... airportServicesCity
DanC_: scheduledArrivingTime ...
DanC_: hmm... timezones seem to be microtheories... if (scheduledArrivingTime Flight001 Time001) is true in #$CentralUSATimeZone, then ...
DanC_: but EasternUSATimeZone isn't 'declared'. sigh.
DanC_: hmm... no domain/range info
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