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last updated at 2004-08-13 18:00
danbri_dna: Notable for being in Farsi, and for not containing any dates. Hard to blame them since the documents it summarises have dates in Persian calendar.
danbri_dna: I'll probably write to them. But if folks here have any good google-tips for finding other Iranian RSS or Atom feeds, I'd be interested. Curious what deployed practice is with dates, whether there's any XSLT, Perl etc around for dealing w/ the calendar conversion issues, etc.
danbri_dna: BTW netnewswire consumed the feed anyway, setting all the dates to 'now'.
danja: Ancona, Italy, 10th Dec 2004
danja: (in Italian and English)
crschmidt: Would like to do something like this for the East Coast Semweb folks
crschmidt: Specifically, Boston area, although I'm not sure that we have enough people
danbri_dna: I think there are few semwebbers in Boston. I won't be passing thru there before December sadly... but if you do something, I'm interested to hear :)
crschmidt: Definitely a few close enough. Xavier, bkdelong/MacIntire, myself. Not sure who else though - i know jsled is in VT, not too far
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