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last updated at 2004-07-31 18:24
peepo: Browse > Designed to be used by > Students > Supporting specific needs > Severe learning difficulties (SLD)
peepo: still all those damn questions but they are optional this time around...
danbri: Anyone tried it? I had a brief conversation using it earlier, seemed workable.
MacIntire: I've used TeamSpeak a lot with an Intl team making content for an online game. We have members from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland & US. We record the Wav file and transcribe.
MacIntire: It works VERY well and is much quicker than IRC chat and more cost-effective then teleconferences. Plus you can "record" the chat.
MacIntire: I should say we record as WAV and convert to highly compressed MP3 for reference and THEN transcribe- participants have access to both.
danbri: I made a channel 'foaf' (pwd='foaf') in ...
danbri: I'm interesting re W3C Interest Group collaborations, which often have many folk for whom dialing into a US teleconference would be too expensive.
danja_trotter: Java app, ontologies etc.
chaalsMEL: Includes links to a handful of vocabularies describing images, but not so much for audio video :-(
danja__: July 2004 Bulletin (PDF)
danja__: Theme: "Semantic Web Challenges for KM"
peepo: do we have anything that's a light hearted and a little more fun?
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