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last updated at 2004-07-30 23:10
DanC: re-discovered it via a webarch comment. Wow!
chaalsMEL: Upgraded July 2004 to use the SKOS work from the SWAD-E project
libby: position paper for foaf-galway by Damian Steer and Libby Miller
libby: on how surprisingly easy it is to validate RDF documents, once you've got TreeHugger
DanC: yosi notes a 20x performance improvement in a branch of cwm
DanC: the task that runs "under a minute" was taking 17minutes when he started working on it.
chaalsXtra: If you want to actually store an annotation in Amaya 8.6 you have to replace the Amaya/config/amaya.profiles file with this :-(
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