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last updated at 2004-07-25 18:35
crschmidt: Offering a variety of geocoding services
sh1mmer: For a price, evaluation service available
crschmidt: SDK Download offers more information, including examples in Java/.Net
crschmidt: Uses SOAP+XML
crschmidt: Developed with help from Joel De Gan
crschmidt: Comments, questions, etc. can be directed to
crschmidt: Adds a small version of the logo created by stork in the lower right hand corner, which lights up on pages which have a DOAP link tag in the page
crschmidt: Will probably only work in .8+ and .9
crschmidt: Updated with (hopefully!) better .8 support, and moved the icon out from the corner (where it was getting covered by window dressings in some window managers)
crschmidt: Now at version .2, should be able to install over the old copy (no need to uninstall first)
crschmidt: Now, with screenshots!
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