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last updated at 2004-07-21 21:46
dajobe: SWBPD working group working draft, today
dajobe: SWBPD working group working draft, today
chaalsCPH: Introduit le Web Semantique et RDF a travers des outils (cwm, foaf / foafnaut, hera), en français
stork: Version française de l'original en espagnol
chaalsCPH: "French version of my intro to RDF via cwm, foaf, and other tools"@en
dajobe: rdf for describing open source (software mostly) projects
dajobe: coming soon DOAP validator
dajobe: and DOAP viewer
dajobe: both in C#, with mono, redland#, gtk#
dajobe: soft launch, edd'll be announcing more. The DOAP news feed is in planetrdf now
dajobe: minor bug fixes, just a regular release
dajobe: ancient 1.2.0 in gentoo
dajobe: note glib is no longer an (optional) dependency
jsled: Also note, in the wrong package-section ["media-libs" instead of "dev-libs"]
jsled: Also also note that dev-libs _does_ contain redland [0.9.15 and ...16] which self-contains raptor ... which _claims_ to be 1.3.0, but doesn't seem to be. :(
dajobe: i've been considering removing raptor and rasqal from inside redland. That'd stop those issues, but it is very handy for ./configure; make; make install
AndyS: Thanks to Damian Steer and Howard Katz for help with the XSLT and XQuery
AndyS: All mistakes and ugly style are down to me though - improvements welcome!
danbri: Seems like a good approach to me. Similar to the earlier work on recording RDF query results from the RDF IG query testing collaboration last year. This uses vanilla XML instead of RDF though.
em: IBM Semantics Toolkit is designed for storage, manipulation, query, and inference of ontologies and corresponding instances. A major purpose is to establish an end-to-end ontology engineering environment tightly integrated with dominant Meta-Object Facility (MOF)-based modeling and application development tools. As such, it provides a platform for managing RDF metadata and reduces the amount of programming required for the development of metadata-intensive applicati
danja_trotter: from Sam Ruby's "Mombo"
danja_trotter: "A powerful content managment system for weblogs implemented in Python."
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