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last updated at 2004-07-20 19:40
em: by Michael Denny
em: an updated version of his previous 2002 article
em: interesting scan, but I was looking for actual tools... then I found his big 'o table of tools
em: its nice to know Semantic Web ontology creation tools no longer can fit on a page :)
danbri_dna: "En articulo se describe la utilizacion de RDF como herramienta para especificar metadatos en la web."
crschmidt: Garland escribio un extension para RDF para PHP, aqui de 2002-06
danbri_dna: Just rediscovered this from couple years ago. s/DAML+OIL/OWL/.
logger: See discussion
libby: would have liked more time to do proper graph comparison stuff on the results, and SVG diagrams etc
libby: thanks to Sean Palmer for lots of CWM help, and Damian Steer for wrestling manfully with XSLT
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