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last updated at 2004-07-16 17:30
mortenf: International Organization for Standardization, Information technology -- User system interfaces and symbols -- Icon symbols and functions -- Part 1: Icons -- General
<foaf:Person foaf:nick="timbl" foaf:title="Sir"/>
danbri_dna: see also: press release
danbri_dna: Congrats :)
mortenf: used by FOAF
chaalsCPH: An idea that Alistair Miles and I discussed recently, about how to do versioning in a way that you could track the changes
chaalsCPH: The idea is that you can have machine-processable information that tells you what bits of your model (in a particular version) can be treated as if they belong in a different version of something (for example SKOS) without changing more than the minimal number of terms (so avoiding have millions of owl:sameAs statements as part of versioning a whole ontology).
mortenf_: scribles, chatlogs and Morten's pictures from day 1
mortenf: pictures from day 2
teefal: "Everything needs to work with everything else. Can we at least agree on this? There's nothing worse than using a piece of software only to regret it later because it won't play nice with others."
teefal: (not aimed at semweb community, but everyone else :)
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