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last updated at 2004-07-13 09:39
dajobe: interesting ones to me - A comparison of RDF query language proposals
dajobe: Contexts for the Semantic Web Guha et al.
dajobe: presumably based on the PDF on the tap site
dajobe: oh dear What Would It Mean to Blog on the Semantic Web?
dajobe: another google found PDF
dajobe: Learning Meta-Descriptions of the FOAF Network - I don't recognise the authors
dajobe: another PDF
dajobe: at this rate, I don't need to go
dajobe: any karlsruhe/AIFB people around to find the first paper PDF? Google links on their site gives a zope error, although there is a cached pdf->html version
OliB: Bibster - A Semantics-Based Bibliographic Peer-to-Peer System
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