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last updated at 2004-07-02 23:40
danbri_dna: media type problem and character issues.
dajobe: media type problem fixed
dajobe: character issues cannot be confirmed, xmllint is happy
dajobe: w3c rdf validator is also happy with that, and it uses IBM's ICU to do character checking
dajobe: later on, one culprit is using character entities inside a CDATA section - these are not expanded. Either use the UTF-8 inside the cdata section, or don't use the section and write out character entities. you can't mix them
danbri_dna: Thanks for the explanation
crschmidt: I wish there was an OSX equivilant
crschmidt: (I didn't mean to chump that.)
danbri: Zeroconf/Rendevous local discovery is getting a boost from Apple recently (via danja, sam, Jonas). foaffinger
danbri: See also wiki notes.
danbri: FoafFinger is a bit like Edd's BlueFOAF app (see also FOAFMobile wiki notes). BlueFOAF scans local devices to figure out who is nearby thru knowing the IDs of their gadgets; FOAFFinger uses ZeroConf over a local tcp/ip network to scan for other FOAFFingger instances, representing people who may be nearby.
danbri: rendevous
danbri: There are other ways of figuring out who is around, eg. using Web-based services and GPS or celltower IDs picked up from mobile devices. I don't think we'll find a single 'right answer', just... data soup.
shellac: Source available
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