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last updated at 2004-07-01 13:00
Chopinhauer: From Wikimedia version 1.3 Wikipedia
Chopinhauer: uses RDF for licence information.
OliB: the button in Japanese says "Open this person's FOAF"
OliB: RSS Reader Panel extention for Firefox by same author
danbri: "Two days of talking, hacking, socializing and making FOAF better. Held in the parklike surroundings of Twente University, hometown of the Grolsch beer brewery. "
danbri: "...loosely based on the ideas pioneered at the BSD and Apache Hackathons and last years FooCamp; i.e. a self organizing group (though do suggest topics) working on cool things together while having fun."
danbri: "If you are also looking for something with a bit more structure, organisation and formality, do check out the FOAF, Social Networking and the Semantic Web Workshop in Galway, Ireland 1-2 Sept 2004. "
danbri: Hope to see yous there. Please blog this and the Galway event site! thanks, danbri :)
chaalsBRS: These ideas pioneered last year must hav been the inspiration for WebbIt, an Italian event that has taken place over the last few years offering the same thing... :-)
danbri: Only Foo was last year. People have been sitting around hacking for as long as there has been laptops (or paper, abacuses etc).
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