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last updated at 2004-06-06 20:12
danja: OWL Ontology of Web Services Architecture Concepts
danja: surface syntax?
danja: based on Atom/OWL model
sbp: Others, not based on the Atom/OWL model: composizioni atom2rss, verbosus's /2004/02/rss1, Sjoerd's atom2rdf.xml, Sam's atom2rdf.xsl, ndw's 02-part
danja: in progress (todo: content modalities etc)
danja: (just updated again)
dehora: if anyone has a chance check, the way the sheet links atom:feed to atom:entry
danja: written by dehora ;-)
dehora: atom:entry/atom:feed[@rdf:resource]
dehora: so what now? Map the instance triples and see if they tee up with the OWL?
dehora: seriously now ;)... what make you of: atom:entry/atom:feed[@rdf:resource]
karlcow: Screenshot Example of Autograph
karlcow: wondering if it the code could be reused to do RDF Graphs
karlcow: It seems it uses GraphViz for it
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