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last updated at 2004-05-27 20:13
danbri: I don't know much about ANEC, so don't ask me, but the job looked interesting and folks around here might be appropriately skilled to consider applying.
danbri: They describe themselves: "ANEC, the European consumer voice in standardisation, defends consumer interests in the process of standardisation and certification."
danbri: Nicely European spelling of "standardisation" :)
libby: by Simon Price and Libby Miller
crschmidt: Without the FOAF :/
crschmidt: Once you sign in, there's a way to add your email to an updates list at the homepage
yonderboy: Original article has more info
danbri: Special issue of JIME.
peepo: Professor Lawrence "Lessig has been invited by the BBC to be a permanent member of external consultative panel"
crschmidt: I have no clue if this is right as an RDF schema, but it validates!
crschmidt: Now, to try and figure out how to make sure it works.
crschmidt: -
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