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last updated at 2004-05-26 19:40
peepo: a challenge from Ivan:
peepo: hopefully someone will do something even better!
peepo: but is there any 'time' based aspect to RDF to describe how something is in different states?
peepo: in this case: before= 'straight line' after='duck'
peepo: really I'm looking for a game description language, but that may have to wait ~:"
gromgull: Wasting time for completely obvious conclusions...
DanC: By Paul Festa Staff Writer, CNET Last modified: May 25, 2004, 3:29 PM PDT
DanC: The combined SPF and Caller ID, which has yet to be named, will use XML
DanC: Microsoft and Wong plan to publish their combined proposal and submit it to the Internet Engineering Task Force, a key standards body, next month. Microsoft promised that the combo would be compatible with existing versions of SPF.
bblfish: Smushing FOAF by mattb?
mattb: the smushing code in my RDF crawler release is somewhat better, if i remember right
mattb: but the algorithm described in my xmleurope paper is the one i'm currently using in my unreleased python implementation
mattb: (section 6.1.1)
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