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last updated at 2004-05-21 21:11
dajobe: W3C member submission 2004-05-21
libby: eaon and kpreid and I were talking about it on #foaf a few days ago
libby: it's a person's name completion addon for iPhoto, using addressbook
sh1mmer: eaon suggests using apple script
eaon: to export foaf from iphoto
gromgull: Flora being small disconnected tree shaped chunks of rdf... like f.x. bibtex converted to rdf or something.
gromgull: fauna being foaf...
gromgull: the title is the best part ....
teefal: A line that stood out for me at yesterday's Tim Berners-Lee talk was "Start off with islands and stitch them together."
teefal: ...Will this make a big muddled mess of equivalence relations? Will this impact performance? YES. Get used to it.
Talliesin: World Wide, Perfect Perfomance, pick one!
sh1mmer: Web site about 'two Donna Summers' started discussion on ways to uniquely identify people
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