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last updated at 2004-05-06 20:40
peepo__: should be a stable URI
peepo__: a chance to meet peepo and others, and maybe even have a beer!
danja: semi-semblog (much XSLT)
danja: source day
DanC: see also esw:GoodURIs
Talliesin: ""
Rdf Calendar ScheduledTopicChat
DanC: see meeting announcement/agenda
DanC: see also www-rdf-calendar list archive, RDF Calendar workspace, RdfCalendar wiki topic
DanC: notes on previous chat, 7Apr
DanC: attending: pretty much nobody. hmm... cancel?
danbri: "When you start aggregating data from around the Web, keeping track of where it came from is vital. In this article, Edd Dumbill looks into the contexts feature of the Redland Resource Description Format (RDF) application framework and creates an RDF Site Summary (RSS) 1.0 aggregator as a demonstration."
danbri: From SWAD-Europe storage workshop, by Dave Beckett
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