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last updated at 2004-05-05 22:45
CaptSolo: Workshop includes some of the semantic web related presentations
danbri_dna: GPL'd geneology software. Interesting for GEDCOM<->FOAF hacking?
danbri_dna: I can't get through to the INRIA FTP server right now. One to revisit...
danbri_dna: OK I have it running now. Recommended. Should be nicely hackable too.
danbri_dna: "The TAP KB is a shallow but broad knowledge base containing basic lexical and taxonomic information about a wide range of popular objects. Our goal is bootstrap the Semantic Web by providing a comprehensive source of basic information about popular objects."
danbri_dna: Anyone know what namespace prefix they prefer, for use in RDF? (thinking of plugging it from FOAF spec, along with Wordnet).
danbri_dna: Ah, there are RDF downloads for subsections now, eg. Products.rdf.
danja_: Open* International Forum on Business Ontology
danja_: (* i.e. has a Wiki)
danbri_dna: Yet another namespace that ends in a '/' not a '#' btw.
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