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last updated at 2004-04-24 19:16
mortenf: includes work on digital photo management - could use some rdf!
mortenf: papers include references to the Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory which has sunrise/sunset times etc.
danbri_dna: May be interesting to use this as basis for distributing queries across multiple servers, where the data natively lives in a traditional SQL store.
danbri_dna: I tried to use W3C's online XSLT service to extract an RSS feed from the homepage markup.
danbri_dna: It didn't work; any ideas why?
mortenf: The XSLT "requires" a head/@profile containing at least one of the following three uris:, or
danbri_dna: Thanks MortenF! I'll suggest that change...
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