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last updated at 2004-04-07 15:52
timbl: EXIF 2.2 includes fairly comprehensive GPS measurement ontology.
Jibbler: Convert OS grid refs to long/lat
libby: fwded mail from the ietf calch list. consortium main site
Incorporating geo information in iCal
logger: See discussion
logger: See discussion
libby: see rdf calendar workspace
libby: attending LIbby Miller
chaalsMEL: Any interesting use cases for airline industry people?
paulc: attending Paul Cowles
masaka: attending Masahide Kanzaki
ndw: attending Norman Walsh
timbl: attending Tim Berners-Lee
chaalsMEL: Attending Charles McCathieNevile (chair)
DanC: attending DanC
Ol: attending Olivier Gutknecht
DanC: ndw is double-booked, actually
chaalsMEL: Agenda topic - should we keep with the pattern of trying to exactly model RFC2445
chaalsMEL: Agenda Topic - how to model dates / times
libby: agenda topic which rules/mappings to different vocabs we recommend (if we do)?
chaalsMEL: See end of discussion for next meeting time - 6 may, 1400Z
dajobe: Michael Fitzgerald reads that relax ng is the normative schema language for
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