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last updated at 2004-03-27 23:47
libby: they demoed a wiki for creating and using an ontology. looks interesting. to do with music; will output RDF
libby: some pics
libby: fun!
libby: they're on #esp if anyone is interested, though not a huge amount of chat
libby: a talk on foaf I didn;t give at WTF ;)
libby: espians sound interesting (via tav) but not much up there
libby: a few more pics
dajobe: The short country names from ISO 3166-1 and the alpha-2 codes are made available by ISO at no charge for internal use and non-commercial purposes.
dajobe: so no change there then. Clues absent.
dajobe: my interest is that these terms make it impossible for free software/open source to use country codes
dajobe: and language codes, since they build on them
dajobe: letter w3c sent to iso, 19 Sep 2003
dajobe: ISO's response
dajobe: so their press release doesn't match what they say on the web site
dajobe: the PR says ISO does not subsequently charge a fee for use of the codes in the software product and has no plans for doing so.
dajobe: pfft!
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