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last updated at 2004-03-26 18:15
DanC: a favorite of mine.
DanC: Suber writes at exactly the speed I like to read.
DanC: hmm... seems to be an appendix to an essay. hope to read that sometime.
dajobe: 87 page PDF
dajobe: any volunteers to summarise?
dajobe: it's got it all, semweb wedding cake, layers, Sowa ...
dajobe: the issue editorial has a paragraph summary He argues that {the semantic web} is based on a restricted and static sense of meaning.
danbri: Deadline is today! I'd be interested to see some papers on PICS/RDF migration...
aharth: mozilla firefox support for application/rdf+xml would be nifty
dajobe: what would such support do?
aharth: bug id 61839 on bugzilla
a search for open source usb-midi support
DanC: started a few hours ago.
DanC: I'm giving up, leaving a question in QandA in the debian wiki
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