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last updated at 2004-03-19 21:57
Morbus: :Note that this is a dev site so don't expect any links to do much.
Talliesin: I'm sure there's dozens already, but it's Friday and I'm bored.
danbri: Anyone know who created this? I'm interested in encouraging more local SW meetings... maybe put some effort into using meetup...
DanC: hand-coded scanner. serious grunt work. I'm too lazy to do that sort of thing
DanC: plenty of unit tests and such. nice.
DanC: XML in C# comments is... wild. (I'm new to C#)
DanC: 3/17/2004 By Rich Seeley in
DanC: on semaview's eventSherpa, an RdfCalendar implementation
libby: I'm hoping to make it
libby: I notice sbp is going :)
danbri: "The public-semweb-lifesci list provides an open forum for scientists and informaticists to discuss issues and initiatives relevant to the exploration and use of the Semantic Web for the life sciences."
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