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last updated at 2004-03-13 15:23
sbp: Very cool. See also: overview of the same
sbp: Along the lines of GNOME storage, dashboard, and other forward-thinking filesystem applications
sbp: "For the geeks out there, libferris is a virtual file system (VFS) that runs in the user address space. At the moment libferris is a shared object that each application can dynamically link to in order to see the file system through a nicer abstraction."
monkeyiq: "some older info can be found on osnews at"
monkeyiq: Building requirements start here
monkeyiq: monkeyiq blog
zool: rdf-meta
zool: rdf-meta
Talliesin: "Steal these buttons" style version of the RDF logo
Talliesin: Semantic web portal by Danny Ayers
Talliesin: Someone's probably already chumped this, but what the hey.
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