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last updated at 2004-03-12 18:44
DanC: now available as mit_holidays.ics and mit_holidays.rdf
DanC: thru the magic of tidy and grokHolidays.xsl
DanC: see Makefile for details
DanC: after a tweak, it seems to work in a few calendar user agents
DanC: this also uses from the RDF Calendar workspace
danbri: "...provides a means of coordinating and navigating disparate historical materials on the internet"
danbri: I'm interested in projects and tools for representing disagreement through the Web, specifically through SVG+RDF online maps. For eg., see the Al-Quds University view of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
danbri: So I'm collecting materials (HEML, RDF-Calendar/geo/etc, ...) for possible student projects.
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