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last updated at 2004-03-05 16:11
chaalsNCE: is at a cool URI (modulo the existence of sidar)
danbri: aside: URI longevity howto is on my SW Best Practices wishlist; practicalities, eg. leaving domain names in will....
masaka: can get a sample schema for XFN
masaka: should work with general XMDP profile, e.g. sanple html profile at
masaka: XMDP is Xhtml Meta Data Profiles
dajobe: logs from 4th March
dajobe: working group charter - what the WG is scoped to do (note: no deliverables :)
dajobe: SWBPD home page
dajobe: best practices task forces that may deliver documents, Notes
dajobe: right now the WG is voting on task forces - which are important
dajobe: Friday log, updates done at various points, not live
dajobe: the WG decides to persue both rdf and html approaches, GRDDL and XHTML and RDF from Mark Birbeck
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