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last updated at 2004-02-25 21:04
Veep: is the VTODO piece of the ical spec
dajobe: this looks very good
DanC_desk: anybody tried this with use cases like trackback, geoURL, Creative Commons, etc.?
DanC_desk: nifty... This is something that is often overlooked in the discussions about new markup to represent meta information - what exactly is it representing?
DanC_desk: this seems to be a pretty complete alternative syntax for RDF
DanC_desk: see also Thu/Fri SemWeb Best Practices WG meeting agenda
DanC_desk: and Mon/Tue SemWeb IG meeting agenda
DanC_desk: and Dan's plans and GRDDL
logger: See discussion
dajobe: query language and interface protocol across jena, native java, other datastores
dajobe: declares methods with keywords for chosing inferencing models
dajobe: CREATEINF myinf RDFS_TRANS myschema.rdfs@mystore mystatements@mystore;
dajobe: likely #rdfig will be used for notes and links
danbri: Registration system has now closed. If you plan to attend but haven't registered, mail with 'SWIG Late Registration' in subject line ASAP.
Which RDQL tests do I use?
dajobe: RDF Query (and Rule) Testcase Repository
dajobe: RDQL tests
dajobe: Jena RDQL tests in Jena CVS
dajobe: there are also examples in the PHPXML RDQL page and the Jena RDQL tutorial
dajobe: the RDQL submission has a few more, and changes the language a little. It also has a few bugs.
libby: Alberto started a sourceforge place for the tests so that anyone could access them, but the work stalled a little. The tests from the discussions we had got put on my site temporarily
dajobe: a minor update, just satisfying CaptSolo's desire for new things
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