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last updated at 2004-02-16 12:47
zool: my current issue with this is the extent of geo:SpatialThing
zool: we get measurement accuracy information from GPS and from 802.11 triangulation and i think it makes sense to keep that in this ontology
zool: but accuracy is not a property of a geo:SpatialThing, but is a property of an observation about it
zool: recalling philosophical conversations around 2003/01 about where is an exact point, and how can a spatial thing of whatever extent be assigned an exact point
zool: and though the GeoOnion vocab was theoretically appealing i for one never used it and it perhaps doesnt match short term use cases well
zool: i'm trying to develop vocabulary based on our locative:Packet, which denotes an observation about a state of affairs in time and space, and could usefully include a measurement of accuracy
zool: with a call for two kinds of SpatialObservation-type thing, a located thing which has been specifically recorded or noticed (by a human or by a machine threshold or sensor) and one that is just picked up as background noise from regular activity like GPS traces
zool: this is all with an aim to submitting something as a NOTE and connect to the geopriv working group at the ietf
danbri_: +1 on continuing the rdf-geo discussion, perhaps elaborating the namespace. I'm not sure yet that 'accuracy' belongs alongside the properties being measured. It seems more meta.
danbri_: perhaps accuracy, tool etc as property of the document, not of the thing(s) the document describe?
danbri_: Re 'submitting' as a note, one thing RDFIG/SWIG could do it work on a doc collaboratively, to publish as an Interest Group Note
zool: i like the idea of an Interest Group Note, but also need something that can include encapsulated media - we borrowed terms from Dublin Core Media Types for this
zool: my suggestion is that lat and lon are or can also be properties of a 'Document' (if thats like what i mean when i say 'Observation') and not particularly of a SpatialThing
zool: and my question is, when it's so likely we'll want to talk about both kinds of thing at once, do we really need a separate schema or can we find a noncontroversial core to add to the wgs84 vocab?
zool: cf mortenf's formulation of this with the recorded thing being cyc:near the spatialThing
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