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last updated at 2004-02-04 23:34
reporting to the W3C Tech plenary meetings (agendum F)
DanC: see SemWeb IG ftf meeting page
DanC: we didn't discuss this much.
XSLT based .rdf -> .ics mapping, syntactic profiles of RDF calendar (agendum E)
iCalendar round-trip testing (agendum D)
DanC: chaals started writing it up in a new section 2.1 of the RdfCalendar wiki topic. hmm... refactor? slides?
mortenf: mortenf reports zero progress on his part since last meeting
DanC: ah yes, item C from 9Sep
DanC: cplaul is interested in cvs write access
DanC: chaals has write access and agrees to keep the tests working and such
DanC: Ol is interested in contributing some tests
DanC: discussed 22:09 thru 22:38 or so
DanC: we discussed how testing should work and came to some consensus, the nuts and bolts of which should be worked as committers come on line
DanC: we also discussed some infelicities of and possibilities for replacing it with some C# from semaview, or a python rewrite
chaalsNCE: looked at Masahide Kanzaki's concert information - rdfical generated from an HTML source calendar
DanC: duration: 60 to 90 minutes, I think
DanC: previous meeting seems to be 2003-09-10
DanC: attendee: Dan Connolly, W3C semantic web hoopy frood.
chaalsNCE: attendee Chaals, W3C SWAD-E factotum
Ol: attendee: Olivier Gutknecht, Apple
masaka: attendee: Masahide Kanzaki, from Tokyo
cpaul: attendee: Paul Cowles, Semaview
mortenf: attendee: Morten Frederiksen, Denmark
timbl: attendee: Tim Berners-Lee MIT CSAIL USA
DanC: there was considerable interest in resuming an every-other-week rhythm, but some conflicts with 18Feb. chaals to poll for next meeting time... or rather bryce to poll for next meeting time.
libby: regrets libby
ericP: Use an annotated RelaxNG schema to define what triples come from a colloquial XML document.
DanC: hmm... this makes my head hurt. It's a mix of 3 or 4 syntaxes, each of which I only know enough to be dangerous.
DanC: I'd like to see this used for something like GeoURL markup conventions, as implemented in grokGeoURL.xsl
logger: See discussion
danbri: See also their press release.
danbri: Of interest to anyone thinking about social impact of ContentSelection4SemanticWeb, PICS etc.
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