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last updated at 2004-02-03 23:38
danbri: Amy Kazura just sent me info on this, wondered if might be of interest to RDFIG/SWIG...
chaalsNCE: RRSAgent is a modified logger bot that collects action items in RDF
chaalsNCE: The idea is to be able to say whether there are outstanding items, given a list of RRSAgent-monitored IRC meetings.
chaalsNCE: Includes a way of marking an item as done, and some preliminary stuff for getting them into ical format (almost working...)
chaalsNCE: This is very sketchy - lots of life-cycle bits to clean up.
ldodds: Exploring use of a Wiki to generate RDF data about conferences
ldodds: RDF data is scraped from the HTML generated by the Wiki markup
ldodds: Example RDF for WWW2004
DanC: sounds cool... wonder if it uses GRDDL
DanC: grddl needs a nice friendly how-to pretty soon... but after that it'll be hard to move the profile in URI space... hmm...
DanC: why does it want a cookie?
dajobe: works ok, a little bare in the GUI and docs area ;)
dajobe: nice hypertext style clicking to follow the refs
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