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last updated at 2004-02-02 22:54
foaf and business cards (again)
DanC: I just got asked for my Name, Title, Phone, Fax, Mobile, URI, email by somebody who's about to do a run of business cards
DanC: time for Joe Lambda to get a business card
DanC: djw's new foaf file
DanC: previous episode, July 2003
DanC: bounty is still offered
logger: See discussion
DanC: see also LinkedIn re title
running the RDF calendar tests
logger: See discussion
logger: See discussion
DanC: chaalsNCE was able to do it
DanC: cal-regression.n3 is a misnomer. regression tests should correlate to fixed bugs. it should be called cal-feature-tests.n3 or some such
DanC: nearby: RdfCalendar topic in ESW wiki
DanC: the initrdf stuff masks a bunch of bugs, by the way. I've gotten as far as taking that out, but haven't checked it in because it looks like such a step backwards.
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