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last updated at 2004-01-21 22:58
dajobe: errors in the transcription here are mine, let me know
dajobe: I think the phrase "owl feather" has also been used
dajobe: no. looks like it was primarily me referring to webont impl report draft
danbri: "If the ISMAP attribute is present on an IMG element, the IMG element must be contained in an A element with an HREF present. This construct represents a set of hyperlinks. The user can choose from the set by choosing a pixel of the image."
danbri: See also image maps in HTML4.01 spec., which provides client-side image maps too.
danbri: "Client-side: When a user activates a region of a client-side image map with a mouse, the pixel coordinates are interpreted by the user agent. The user agent selects a link that was specified for the activated region and follows it." (hmm re 'mouse')
danbri: HTML clientside imagemaps allowed shape as one of: default (entire region), rect, circle, poly (polygonal region).
danbri: Other background: see rfc2396 section 4.1 for b/g on URI fragment Ids.
libby: <masaka> This example demonstrate to show Polygon's bounding rectangle with XSLT
yet another image annotation meeting, 2004-01-21 1600 UTC (today), here on #rdfig
libby: this time focusing on getting together sample RDF documents for use with the W3 photos annotation project
libby: attending - Libby Miller
bryce: attending - Bryce Benton
JibberJim: attending Jim Ley
bengee: attending Benjamin Nowack
libby: regrets mortenf
masaka: masaka attending for the first half
kota: kota attending
GregElin: attending GregElin
libby: action libby create some sample RDF documents summarising what's been said here today and send to the list for discusssion there
libby: action bengee try to build OWL DL verson of the parts of image annotation ontology and publish it somewhere.
danbri: Mozquery is "a Mozilla/Firebird extension for RDF coders. It's purpose is to allow fast an reliable RDF code development providing a set of tools to write and process RDF files content."
danbri: "Mozquery first tool is an ASRDF to RDF XML syntax converter allowing you to quickly and accuratly write RDF files from scratch. ASRDF (Abreviated Syntax for RDF) is a terse RDF statements notation using the outliner paradigm to structure RDF graph constructs."
danbri: Warning: installing it crashed my (recent Firebird) browser, and didn't give me the 'Tools/Mozquery' menu item it promised. I tried twice. But I am using a random nightly snapshot, maybe working with a release would be better.
jmdupont: Primitive and inkorrekt attempt at writing rules from the data
jmdupont: might not even be korrekt owl
DanC: ah... seems similar to sniffSchema.n3
jmdupont: thanks danc!
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