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last updated at 2004-01-20 17:25
existing vocabs for describing parts of images
some issues to be resolved for p[arts of image annotation for w3 photo project
libby: polygons or just rectangles
libby: identifying parts of images
libby: 'depicts' for parts of an image - or some other property
libby: images or multimedia
danbri_dna: Note: this intersects re privacy issues. Some of might not want our annually expanding waistlines documented in tight-fitting bezier curves
mortenf: current consensus regarding photos indicates: class "Image", property "hasRegion" [domain: Image, range: Region], class "Region" (subclassed into Polygon, Circle etc.), property "regionDepicts" [domain: Region, range: Resource].
libby: action jibberjim and mortenf - send a message to the w3photo mailing list - a schema and a sample document if possible
libby: WWW2004 coference photos
GregElin: action GregElin and libby pick out 3-5 images to use for ontology examples.
mortenf: ACTION jim and morten also list options for describing a region, whether by SVG-path or polyline/circle/ellipse, and whether to include rect and an optional bounding box.
mortenf: Morten sent a mail on image regions to the list
discussion about parts of image annotation, 20th January (today) at 16 UTC, here (#rdfig)
libby: see annoucement, Masahide's message
libby: I said: I think there will be much more discussion in the future about how best to describe parts of images in the RDF community, so tomorrow's meeting would only be a discussion with a view to setting out a proposal for this project to use.
libby: there's a few examples of different approches on ImageDescriptionRdfExamples
libby: everyone welcome
libby: attending - Libby Miller
mortenf: Morten Frederiksen attending
JibberJim: Jim Ley attending
bengee: Benjamin Nowack attending
GregElin: GregElin attending
verbosus: Antonio Cavedoni attending
kota: kota attending
dmiles: The re-beginning of Prolog Virtual Worlds MOO (was last active in 1999)
dmiles: The 2nd most amazing project microsoft started.. but somehow forgot about
dmiles: Complete ORBS MOO System that can allow users to share office application data real time while they Mud
dmiles: Installer System for access will be available sometime next week
dmiles: A sorta installer at
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