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last updated at 2004-01-18 19:20
dajobe: document revised, examples added and '('...')' list syntax added
dajobe: mime type now application/x-turtle
dajobe: the collections bit is now implemented in raptor (CVS)
danbri: "If you want to prevent links to explicit pornography from appearing on your site, you shouldn't have to be required to turn on comment registration."
danbri: Quite.
weblog spam
libby: there's probably a better way, but would anyone like to share blacklists of IP addresses?
D[a]vey: What if its a dynamic IP? Someone spamming from home ISP accounts
D[a]vey: An interface with RIPE and ARIN likely needed.
libby: it seemed like as soon as I banned some IPs I got heavily spammed by many more, related but slightly different IPs
D[a]vey: Bans could be placed on subnets, or some user configurable option based on the IP data
D[a]vey: What about bayesian filtering?
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