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last updated at 2004-01-13 23:13
danbri: EU project 1996-1999. Don't think the dataset's available, at least under terms as liberal as core Wordnet's.
danbri: Interesting project though. There's a paper somewhere on the approach they took.
danbri: "The design of the database, the defined relations, the top-ontology and the Inter-Lingual-Index are now frozen. Nevertheless, many other institutes and research groups are developing similar wordnets in other languages (European and non-European) using the EuroWordNet specification. "
danbri: "The cooperative framework of EuroWordNet is continued through the Global WordNet Association. This is a free and public association that builds on EuroWordNet and Princeton WordNet."
danbri: Oh, a conference! Global wordnet conference, Jan 20-23 2004, Brno, Czech Republic. Anyone going?
teefal: Must be said with straight face
danbri: Some experiments with Amaya SVG, plus conversion from HTML imagemaps using XSLT. Largely obsoleted by JimLey's pure SVG version.
Jhendler: MINDSWAP site playing with Jim Ley's stuff and foaf and content markup -- click on photo to see/browse the metadata
bryce: proposed front door web site
attendance meeting GregElin
libby: uses javascript
libby: see also an rdf image file rendered using css/xslt
dajobe: detailed report (says me, the author) on the workshop we had 13-14 Nov 2003 on semweb storage and retrieval, lots of summaries
karlcow: The man: I declare my hormones in RDF for you
karlcow: The woman: (very romantic)
WWW2004 photos meeting, 2004-01-13, 1600 GMT, #rdfig
libby: see agenda
mortenf: attending: Morten
swh: attending Jim H for MINDSWAP group
bryce: attending: Bryce Benton
GregElin: attending GregElin
nmg: attending: Nick Gibbins
swh: attending Jim H for MINDSWAP group
swh: attending Steve Harris
libby: attending libby miller
karlcow: attenting Karl Dubost, W3C and Karl Dubost, Grange, who said schizophrenia.
teefal: attending timothy falconer
JibberJim: Sort of attending Jim Ley
libby: action: bryce is working with GregElin on the website.
libby: action danbri look into findin out if we can get the conference schedules, via Iw3c2/Janet Daley
danbri: I've sent mail to the iw3c2 contact address, will let you know if I get any answer. I expecte we will have to trawl previous conf websites by hand though.
libby: action item: libby, mc and GregElin are working on the ui for fotonotes for one by one submission of photo
libby: action libby mail list suggesting meet later this week re ontologies/vocabs issues
libby: action libby summarise today's discussion re privacy and copyright to the list
libby: there's an email list for the project, see details of how to subscribe
DanCon: By Stephen Cass in IEEE spectrum
DanCon: mentions XML and TAP by name, but not RDF
DanCon: (and expands XML incorrectly)
DanCon: as seen in a slashdot article
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