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last updated at 2004-01-06 23:33
evlist: Yes, you can read and write restaurant reviews here, but you'll also find direct links to reviews on other sites
mimeme: a short specifications document for bibTeX expressed in OWL
mimeme: I'd be glad to hear others comments, especially if you have ideas of an alternate bibliographic vocabulary to use.
mimeme: I chose bibTeX since it's what I'm familiar with, but it's old, and maybe there's something better out there that I don't know of.
golbeck: Ontology for Images, image regions (SVG), videos, frames, segments, and what they depict
golbeck: Currently the default ontology for images in MINDSWAP's Photostuff tool
libby: what do people think? for WWW2004 conference photos and metadata?
dajobe: or maybe also without the non-commercial restriction attribution-sharealike
libby: votes seem to be for 2ish recommended licenses; will discuss on list
logger: See discussion
libby: golbeck suggests having a default, so people don;t have to care too much
golbeck: Draft ontology for events and, specifically, conferences
libby: see also ebiquity's ontology and RDFiCal
WWW2004 images/conferences agenda item K: discuss the imagedescription metadata concretely
WWW2004 images/conferences agenda item J: let's put our meta data and semantic web data into some distinct buckets
WWW2004 images/conferences agenda item I: quick reports of what's been done and where some key action items stand
libby: action danbri ask for a list asap
logger: See discussion
Davey: XML_FOAF will be added to the PEAR Repository in the next 24hrs. It allows creation of complex FOAF files from scratch, and can be extended to add other XML/RDF data easily through inheritance.
WWW2004 image and conference description meeting, 2004-01-06, 1500UTC, here
libby: more info more info about image description
libby: in 25 mins or so. all welcome
libby: previous discussions
libby: attending libby Miller
JibberJim: attending Jim Ley
bwm: attending bwm
swh: attending Steve Harris
GregElin: attending GregElin
golbeck: attending Jen Golbeck
dajobe: attending Dave Beckett
mattb: attending Matt Biddulph
nmg: attending Nick Gibbins
dajobe: attending Lyndon Wong
dajobe: attending masahide kanzaki
bwm: regrets DanC
libby: next meet 2004-01-13, 1600 UTC
edd: Aggregated weblogs from semantic web hackers
edd: Think you should be on here but aren't? Ensure you have an RSS 1.0 feed and bug dajobe about it :)
danbri_dna: Very nice. Is there a way of indicating one's suitability in RDF/XML FOAF etc?
danbri_dna: How about adding the RDFIG Scratchpad RSS feed?
CaptSolo: Wishlist of improvement to be made to the Resume RDF Schema
CaptSolo: hopefully that will transform into a to-do list for me :)
CaptSolo: Please comment (in the blog entry comments) if you have ideas to add to it
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