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last updated at 2004-01-04 23:12
chaalsMEL: "If you're using C, use ... if you're using Objective-C use...".
Ol: Can be accessed with Python through
libby: for WWW2004 conference image annotation project
libby: I tried to summarise some ideas and pull them together but I've probbaly missed plenty out, please edit if so...
libby: see an example trying to pull it all together
libby: 2004-01-06, 15:00 UTC
libby: all welcome - see wiki page, section 3 for links and details
libby: see previous discussion notes
libby: deadline Jan 9th
libby: topics include " Web Standards Advocacy (Why we should use them) The Semantic Web Web Standards and Corporate Solutions XML (Including XSLT, XPath etc.) * Web Development Using Web Standards"
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