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last updated at 2003-11-27 22:18
dajobe: If it had not been for extensive discussions with a friend and Sean Bechhofer?s short writeup on the subject, it would have been near impossible to figure out all the requirements and nuances of each of the tests.
N3 oddity
dajobe: @prefix : <> .
dajobe: @prefix a: <> .
dajobe: a:a a:b .
dajobe: this is the same as "a:a a :b ."
dajobe: an example of whitespace issues & builtin keywords I think
logger: See discussion
dajobe: still alive. polished with new xhtml shinyness
dajobe: i've never worked out why Wednesdays are the day to chat
dajobe: some loquacious (ex?) chatters still leading the lists :)
dajobe: yes, it really was made by analog
danbri_: Looks handy. Haven't tried it yet. UI for managing RDF via Jena.
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