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last updated at 2003-11-25 22:55
larsbot: RDF vocabulary that can be used to map any RDF to XTM
larsbot: allows RDF vocabularies to also be used in topic maps
larsbot: will be supported in next versions of Omnigator and OKS
danbri: Very cool! I'll have to have a proper look when not jetlagged.
larsbot: feedback mucho welcome, of course
DanC: is this new? I've seen a few things in this neighborhood before.
larsbot: what's new is really that it's now finished, published, documented, and implemented
danbri: I especially like the 'implemented' bit :)
dajobe: continuing from Thursday 2003-11-21
dajobe: now done all of day 1 notes - adding benchmarks, test data and contexts/provenance
dajobe: hmm, next time maybe I'll take video or audio or both
dajobe: a little more on validating datatypes. that's it for today
dajobe: we (SWAD Europe) plan to put on a workshop about Topic Maps and RDF here (I think!)
larsbot: that would be very interesting indeed...
dajobe: RDF still interests me, in much the same way that rodeo clowns and Microsoft Certified Solution Developers interest me, which is to say that it seems like an awful lot of work for questionable payoff, but once you've learned it, you tend to rationalize your behavior and defend it to the death.
dajobe: Some very nice people in #rdfig helped me learn it, for which I thank them, and I shall now defend to the death my design decisions (which are really their design decisions) and wait patiently for someone else to do something cool with it.
dajobe: and here's some choclate mousse in rdf
dajobe: describing the pics
libby_: not sure about depicts pointing to an rdf document. though I like the idea of grouping pics from the same event, say.
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