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last updated at 2003-11-24 22:10
DanC: nifty generalization of various XHTML-to-RDF hacks
DanC: try it on, for example, my home page: results
DanC: my homepage cites the profile (ew! 404!)
DanC: ... described in the proposal]
DanC: then, specifically, it points to grokCC.xsl
DanC: and smart-home.xsl which extracts foaf and a few other things
DanC: now to note this in EmbeddingRDFinHTML ...
DanC: smart-home.xsl is designed to take some XSLT params, so it currently produces bogus "mailto:" and such
DanC: hmm... relative URIs are a bit off... perhaps sprinkle a bit of xml:base or something... hmm
dajobe: I like this idea. Seems a good approach, rather than other ways such as trying to get round (X)html validation or external linking
dajobe: I was wondering about using hidden metadata with <div class="something">... <dl>s then display:none somehow
DanC: a grokGeoURL.xsl knob should be easy to do...
DanC: if we add to the demo knobs for Creative Commons, GeoURL, RSS, and FOAF, that would make it quite compelling, no?
dajobe: scraping from <meta> or from <!-- <rdf:RDF> ... </rdf:RDF> --> ?
DanC: scraping from <meta> or whatever the geoURL convention is.
sbp: On the "allow non-XSLT?" question, one could use the URIs of standard XSLT transforms as triggers for equivalent scripts in other languages, perhaps.
DanC: ok, grokGeoURL.xsl works too.
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