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last updated at 2003-11-20 18:25
dajobe: from Blog
dajobe: I'll be adding stuff here as I construct things today
dajobe: IRC logs for Thursday 2003-11-13 and Friday 2003-11-14
dajobe: already there position papers
dajobe: Updated the attendees list to reflect the people who turned up on the day
dajobe: main page, updated to link to the attendees in the intro section of day 1 agenda
dajobe: main page now has introductions expanded, links to projects and websites
dajobe: added summaries of the Thursday morning sessions
dajobe: that's it for today
dajobe: I should note again how interesting the @semantics preentation is
dajobe: all the reporting stuff is draft, still more to fill in
dajobe: there are also photos of the flipcharts with some scrappy transcriptions
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